Translate the Quality Year Plan into a SMART action plan


The Quality Year Plan contains indicators that make execution of the plan measurable. However, the plan has not yet been translated into an action plan with SMART action points. Therefore execution of the plan is not yet operationalized.


Make an action plan with SMART action points based on the Quality Year Plan so that these action points can be assigned to specific staff members and implementation of the Quality Year Plan is operationalized.

How & who

Laboratory Manager and the Quality Officer:

  1. Work together in dividing the Quality Year Plan into multiple steps to make the plan workable.
  2. Make a planning with the appropriate sequence of executing the steps.
  3. Translate the individual steps into SMART action points.
  4. Include all the action points in one action plan.
  5. The Laboratory Manager must sign and date the action plan for approval.
  6. Distribute copies of the Quality Year Plan and action plan amongst all the staff.
  7. Present the Quality Year Plan and the action plan in a weekly staff meeting. Discuss the plans in detail and assign staff members with certain action points. Give staff members ample opportunity to ask questions during and after the meeting (as part of ensuring proper execution of the plans).
  8. Store the action plan in the folder Action Plans and start monitoring its timely execution.

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ISO15189:2012: 4.12