Provide the Biosafety Officer with a biosafety training so that he/she is capable to fully perform his/her job tasks


In the previous activity the Biosafety Officer was appointed. The Biosafety Officer should naturally be an expert in biosafety. He/she should be able to train colleagues, perform biosafety audits and provide advice on laboratory biosafety and therefore needs to be fully trained him/herself.


Send the Biosafety Officer to a training in laboratory biosafety to make sure that the Biosafety Officer is competent and able to perform his/her tasks.

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Find an appropriate training in Laboratory Biosafety and find funds for training of the Biosafety Officer.
  2. After participating in the training store the certificate in the folder Personnel Files behind the tab of the Biosafety Officer and store it in the archive.

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This activity belongs to the QSE Personnel


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ISO15189:2012: 5.1.5
ISO15190:2003: 7.110