Formulate the Vision of the laboratory, the reason why the laboratory exists


In this phase the management cycle will be implemented. This is a cycle of continuous improvement where the management plans activities, monitors their execution, check if they were done correctly, and based on that, plans for implementing improvement activities for the next year. This facilitates efficient planning and management of the laboratory. However, planning without having a clear goal in mind is impossible. Before implementing the management cycle one has to develop a clear Vision, Mission, long-term goals, and long-term planning, which will result in a Quality Policy.


In this activity a Vision must be developed. A Vision is a statement of the organization in which it expresses its hope, something it truly wants to achieve. It is a very long-term goal that may never be achieved. But this doesn't matter since the Vision is only to provide a fixed aim for the management of the laboratory to guide planning. An example of a Vision is: Tuberculosis and leprosy diseases are controlled until they are no longer a public health problem in Uganda (source: National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory of Uganda).

The Vision must be a short and concise piece of text of no more than 150 words.

How & who

Laboratory manager:

  1. Organize a meeting with all staff members; it is recommended to develop the Vision of the laboratory in cooperation with all the staff to increase the involvement of staff members and their motivation to work towards the Vision. Moreover, by involving all staff you make a Vision that truly reflects the Vision of the whole laboratory.
  2. Develop the Vision of the laboratory in this meeting. First explain what a Vision is and why it must be developed. Then start brainstorming to create the perfect Vision. It should be specific to the work-area of the laboratory and covering all the ideals which the laboratory wants to work for. It should also be clear, not needing additional explanation.
  3. Document the Vision and store it as first page in the folder Organization. Later in phase 3 the quality manual must be written. The Vision will be included in this manual.

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