Establish a Continuous Education Program


Staff must always be appropriately trained for the tasks performed, and refresher trainings must be given to keep staff knowledge up-to-date.


Create a Continuous Education Program. Through this program staff members can be sent to trainings needed as identified during competency assessments (see previous activity). Training in the following areas need to be included in the continuous education program for all staff:

  • QMS
  • Safety
  • Governmental reporting requirements
  • Computer systems
  • Job tasks

Also professional meetings, such as congress visits, should be included in this program. The continuing education program must be a fixed element of the Quality Year Plan. It must also consistently be included in the yearly budget planning.

In the right-hand column information on training and continuing education from the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) handbook is provided.

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Estimate the average annual budget needed for refresher training and congress visits based on the training needs identified in the previous activity.
  2. Include the continuous Education Program in the annual budget planning (see activity on developing the annual budget).
  3. Include the Continuous Education Program as a separate section in the Quality Year Plan.

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