Develop a Signature List of all staff members


Many documents in the laboratory need to be signed by staff members. This will become even more when the quality management system is implemented. To trace back the staff member who signed a specific document or record the laboratory can make use of a document with the name, initials and signature of each staff member.


Create a Signature List. This is a simple document that contains a table with three columns:

  • Column 1: the name of the staff member
  • Column 2: the initials of the staff member (abbreviated signature consisting of only the first letters of the first and last names)
  • Column 3: the signature of the staff member

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Create the Signature List.
  2. Ask all staff members to put their initials and signature on the list.
  3. Store the list at a location that is easily accessible; it is a living document: each time a staff member's contract is ended or a new staff member is hired the list needs to be adapted.

Note that this activity is not required by ISO 15189. It was included in this tool for convenience and it is not a lot of work to complete.

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