Develop a Quality Year Plan for the following year based on the conclusions from the management review


Performing the management review was the last step of the management cycle. What follows is the development of the Quality Year Plan for the next year with which the management cycle starts again.


Develop a Quality Year Plan for the next quality year. The procedure is now slightly different compared to the procedure followed for the development of the first Quality Year Plan as there was no Management Review Report for the first plan.

The Quality Year Plan is normally based on the management review. During this review the status of the completion of the previous Quality Year Plan was reviewed which feeds the development of follow-up action points and possible new plans.

Note that you can clearly distinguish the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in the management cycle.

  • Planning through making a Quality Year Plan
  • Doing by making an action plan and implementing this
  • Checking by monitoring and drafting Quarterly Reports and doing a management review
  • Acting by making action points during the management review and developing a new Quality Year Plan based (among others) on the findings of the management review

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. Design follow-up plans based on the findings described in the Management Review Report. Also include the action points formulated in this report.
  2. Check the Quality Policy and long-term goals and see whether additional plans are necessary.
  3. Describe all plans in the new Quality Year Plan and formulate also for these plans action points.
  4. Sign and date the Quality Year Plan and store this in the folder Management Reviews and Quality Year Plans behind the correct tab.
  5. Make an action plan together with the Quality Officer and include all the action points from the Quality Year Plan.
  6. Store the action plan in the Action Plan folder.
  7. Present the new Quality Year Plan to the laboratory staff during a weekly staff meeting, upon which specific staff members are notified of action points assigned to them for completion.
  8. Start monitoring timely implementation of the action plan. Do this by adding the action points to the minutes of the weekly staff meeting. This way you can go through the action points every staff meeting and ask for their status of implementation. As the Laboratory Manager also attends these meetings the staff members that have not yet implemented action points after the deadlines can be forced by the Laboratory Manager to implement the action points as soon as possible.

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ISO15189:2007: 4.2.3