Create a primary sample collection facility separate from the laboratory


Areas where patient samples are collected must be safe and comfortable for the patient. Their privacy should also be protected.


The laboratory should have an appropriate waiting area with:

  • Comfortable temperature
  • Protection from sun and rain
  • Good ventilation
  • Enough seats
  • Access to toilets for men and women separately
  • Accessible for disabled persons.

Besides the waiting area the laboratory should establish a primary sample collection area. For sputum collection this should preferably be outside in open air to decrease the risk of infection for other people when patients are producing sputum. However, although sputum collection in open air is the best choice, the patients should still be protected from sun and rain and their privacy should be protected.

In case the laboratory also collects other types of samples (such as blood samples) it should also have a primary sample collection room inside but not in a laboratory room where testing is performed. Also pay attention to appropriate equipment needed for sample collection. E.g. for phlebotomy a good chair with adjustable arm rests is needed, a bed may be needed, etc.

How & who

Laboratory Manager in collaboration with the Biosafety Officer:

  1. Make a list of measures necessary to upgrade/create the sample collection area and the waiting area.
  2. Identify funding for financing possible reconstructions.
  3. Plan and execute the upgrading of both areas.

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