Create folders for storing SOPs at the most convenient locations for staff to have access to the SOPs when needed


SOPs and their appendixes and forms need to be available to staff at the locations where the procedures the SOPs describe are performed.


When an SOP is written the Quality Officer has to determine the most convenient locations where the SOP must be available. As described in the activity on making the Master SOP, different categories of SOPs are made: Equipment SOPs, Analysis SOPs and Procedure SOPs. Equipment SOPs need to be available near the equipment they have been written for. Analysis SOPs need to be available in the laboratory room where the analyses are performed. Procedure SOPs need to be available near the places were the procedures documented in the SOPs are routinely performed. Moreover, of each SOP a copy needs to be available in the office area to enable personnel to refer to an SOP without having to go into the laboratory, and one copy must be stored in the archive.

How & who

Quality Officer:

  1. Create folders at the locations where SOPs need to be stored and clearly indicate which category of SOPs these folders contain (i.e. Equipment SOPs, Procedure SOPs, or Analysis SOPs). It is not yet possible to know all the locations already as not all the SOPs have been written yet. When, during the writing of an SOP at a later stage, a new location is determined as best location to store a copy of the SOP, make a new folder to store the SOP at that location.

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ISO15189:2007: 4.2.1 5.5.3
ISO15189:2012: 5.5.3