Create Daily Routine Work Schedules


It is important that each staff member knows where and when he/she will work each day. This is especially important in laboratories with a rotation and/or shift system where staff members move from section to section on a regular basis (e.g. from the clinical chemistry section to the culture section to the sample collection section). By creating Daily Routine Work Schedules each staff member can know in which section he/she must work at which day and what his/her daily routine tasks are.


Create a schedule in which the staff members are allocated to the different routine tasks of the laboratory. See the Example Routine Work Schedule in the right-hand column to get an idea of how to construct this schedule.

How & who

Laboratory manager:

  1. Create a template for the Routine Work Schedule. If necessary, use the outline of the Example Routine Work Schedule provided in the right-hand column. By having a template you don't have to create a new work schedule every time again.
  2. Divide the names of the staff members over the different daily tasks that need to be completed in the laboratory.
  3. Renew the schedule as often as needed. This is highly dependent of the laboratory; some laboratory don't rotate staff and very rarely have to change the work schedule, other laboratories rotate staff every month, and need a new work schedule every month.
  4. Place the schedule at a visible location accessible to all staff members.
  5. Explain to all staff members in a weekly staff meeting how the schedule works and where to find it.
  6. When necessary, discuss in staff meeting when there is a new schedule

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