Assess the education needs of every staff member


As the quality management system implementation progresses and now approaches completion, the number of tasks assigned to different staff members may have increased considerably, not only in number but also in variety. While it should have been prevented by several activities in this tool, nonetheless, it is possible that staff members may have received tasks to perform procedures for which they are not appropriately trained. It is therefore important that the educational needs of each staff member are assessed and that if gaps are detected the staff member receives adequate training.


In phase 2 a start was made with organizing competency assessment of every staff member. Part of this assessment is identifying if the staff member has educational needs. Place extra emphasis on assessment of educational needs in the competency assessments.

If staff members have received additional responsibilities and tasks, the laboratory manager must assess if the staff member has appropriately been trained for these. If not, the staff member must be send to an appropriate training. This should be included in the Quality Year Plan (under the heading Personnel).

How & who

Laboratory Manager:

  1. During competency assessment (and performance appraisals), identify potential gaps in the training of each staff member.
  2. Include the need for training of specific staff members in the Quality Year Plan to ensure follow-up.
  3. If a staff member needs additional training, find an appropriate training.
  4. Find funding and send the staff member to the training needed.
  5. Store copies of certificates of trainings followed by staff members in their personnel files.

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